Medical Technology - Hocoma

Customized Sensofoil® FR4-PET

The Hocoma AG is specialized in robotic equipment for the medical industry and a recognized worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing automated therapy equipment for the rehabilitation necessary for neurological movement disorders. To ensure development of the Armeo®Spring, therapy equipment for patients with arm and hand impairment caused by strokes, the system implementation required reliable, accurate and customizable linear and rotary sensors adaptable to restricted installation environments.

Our Sensofoil® membrane potentiometer is the ideal sensor for this application. Due to its compact design provides an ideal solution for restricted installation conditions. Due to the potentiometric the sensor has the ability to emit reliable signals. Therefore, a system reboot is not necessary in the case of a potential power outage. Throughout further developmental stages, the potentiometer was customized to adhere to unique geometrical requirements and optimized accordingly. The semi-rotary sensor features connectors on two sides, adding distinctiveness to the design. The two-sided connection provided by the potentiometer enables Sensofoil® FR4-PET to be implemented both on the left and the right side, which contributes to an immediate decline in cost by reducing the necessary supply in replacement parts.

Due to the implementation of Sensofoil® FR4-PET accurate and reliable measurements are provided, which are essential for task-specific and computer-generated movement therapy.


  • semi-rotary sensor
  • Durable and sealed

Technical details

  • connectors on two sides
  • potentiometer resistive track printed on the FR4 base material