Technical innovation at the highest level

Sensofoil® is part of the Hoffmann + Krippner Group, which is headquartered in Germany and has offices around the world including the United States. We have a work force of over 200 employees and develop and produce innovative input solutions for customers in the most diverse sectors, ranging from the electronics industry to medical technology, automation, electrical engineering, aviation to military technology.

We are pioneers in membrane keyboard technology as well as membrane potentiometer technology and are a market leader in complex input systems. Innovation and high quality have formed our basic philosophy since the company was established in 1972. Our company has more then 20 years experience in producing the world's most reliable ultra-thin position sensors.

As a medium-sized and family-owned second-generation-company, we take pride in a tradition of innovation. Innovative product development and the extensive know-how of our employees allow us to develop and produce comprehensive input device systems, including housing, electronics and software for a wide range of clients.

Our strengths benefit our customers through a broad range of innovative top-level engineering. Our long-standing expertise as a leading manufacturer of customized input devices and keyboards in Europe results in high-quality solutions for our customers, world-wide.

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